Curse of Stahd

Frizzt's Thoughts

Yes, Acrtonos, we do find ourselves in strange company these days. By Mab, and doesn’t my patron wish to test me. I can feel her manipulative tendrils in whatever mad power brought me to this land. A least she has made the gift of you possible, my new friend. And for company she has given us a hot tempered tiefling, a misguided paladin, a militant ranger, a dwarves priest and a socially awkward wizard, all while trying to survive in a seemingly hostile place. A mostly…companionable lot I suppose. Even the dwarf, surprisingly so.

Well, there’s no help for it. We have a girl to save, a vampire to fight, and a lost soul to find. I heard once that small gestures and patience are the best way to bring a crew together. I’ll start by making dinner this evening.

Let’s hope we trust each other well enough to get out of this place alive! Rest now, my little friend. I will need you watching our backs tonight!


ryltar79 ryltar79

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