Curse of Stahd

von Richten MIssion Report #1

Agents Talia and Gregor and I arrived in the demi-plane of Barovia. Our trip through the Astral plane was uneventful, and our exit into the home of Strahd was as expected. I believe we arrived near the village of Barovia perhaps as a quirk of the magic bringing us here. The village we encountered was devoid of animal life, and any sign of animal habitation (except the depressing human animals here). There did appear to be a center of social activity, and I led my companions there. Social activity turned out to be an exaggeration, even for my untrained senses in such matters, but my companions wanted to be cautious. I engaged the bar man, who seemed vacant, then we all talked with the one aware individual who seemed to be the son of the local Lord. Most importantly we encountered a group from the Realms, a tiefling, an eladrin, and a dwarf. I informed them that they were now stuck in Barovia, and I was their ticket home if they decided to help us. They seemed untrusting but have since been working with us. We occupied some domicile in the village that was abandoned, and learned that at night the village tends to get overrun with wolves. Agent Gregor scouted for us, but we couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. Next day I exerted magical force on both the barkeep and the junior Lord, but neither had any more information pertaining to our mission. The young lordling did convince us that we had to act on his behalf, as his betrothed was sought by Strahd. We agreed to escort her to a nearby town, much to Agent Gregor’s chagrin. I believe the eladrin may have been upset by me aggressively seeking a deal, but he clearly does not appreciate the importance of our mission, or the particularly doomed nature of all life on this demi-plane. We proceeded to scout town, until we ended up at the Lord’s manor. There we found that the Lord of the town was dead, and Agent Gregor immediately staked it, as per protocol. The son and his fiancĂ©e were horrified, but why they would take chances I do not understand. We proceeded to drag the corpse to the local temple of Lathander, but Agent Talia indicated the presence of the undead. We summoned forth the priest, and proceeded to restrain him while we moved in to investigate. The priest rambled on about how it’s his son and he needs to cure him. As I’ve learned from Agent Talia’s and my own experiences, the only cure for undeath is a blast of fire and proper application of a righteous sword. Agent Gregor led the clearing of the top floor, with Agent Talia and myself backing him up. The eladrin and the tiefling joined us, perhaps they appreciated the graveness of the situation. We proceeded into the basement, where a spawn of some sort in a child’s body tried to assault us. I trapped it in webs while Agents Gregor and Talia with our tiefling companion’s help started disassembling the abomination. The eladrin appeared to be a wielder of some sort of arcane magic, but he was tight lipped about his abilities before, and I did not have a chance to study him in action now. With a thorough application of brute, holy and fiery force, we put the child-beast down.

Our situation so far is as can be expected. Agents Talia and Gregor have performed well, if possibly slightly too cautiously. I think I’ve kept focus on our mission well enough. The meeting with the eladrin, the tiefling, and the priest of Clangeddin was a fortuitous event. I expect they will make this mission much more likely to succeed.


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